Allowing Time for Spontaneity

This week, the geometry lesson for the third-year scholars was “Measurement of Angles.” Like many Montessori lessons, this too begins with a story. The story is about Sumarians and how they were so fascinated by the night sky and the movement of the stars that they began documenting the movement of just one star. After 360 days, the Sumarians noticed that the star had come back to its original position. (Thus, leading to 360 degrees, and our measuring angles and classifying them as acute, obtuse, straight, reflex, or whole.) This story was thrilling to the young scholars, and they wanted to share what they learned with the younger students. They decided to put on a short skit about the discovery of the motion of the night sky and what that has to do with geometry!

I am thankful we are able to inspire and to foster this type of wonder and curiosity. I was able to adjust my plans for the afternoon (and part of the next morning!) to allow the students time to research, organize, and prepare to share their information.

Below, you will find a few photos of their dramatization of the Suamrian’s discovery as well as some of our work from the last week.


The 3rd Years present the Story of the Star

Third-years presentation

Third-years presentation

Brighton and Micah work on categorizing types of rocks

Ms. Hillary’s class included us in their studies of the metric system!

How do you measure a smile?

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