5th Years Build A Greenhouse

Every year our 5th years students take part in the Seeds to Shoreline program. It is a program that focuses on restoring the salt marsh by growing and then replanting spartina grass. The students will take the seedlings from their temporary homes in water and then plant them in soil . The students will then put the soil filled cups and seedlings in the greenhouse and will then take care of them until they are ready for the marsh. Once the seedlings are ready, the 5th year students will head to the marsh to  plant them in their new home. This is a wonderful and fun learning experience. The students always love going to the marsh, being outside, and getting muddy! It’s always a fun day. 

On Friday, I brought the 5th year students from our class and Ms. Andria’s class outside to build the greenhouse. It was such a joy to watch the students problem solve and work together to build the greenhouse and the shelves for the plants. I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire time! They did a fantastic job and they did it themselves! Its always so wonderful to be able to sit back and observe the students working independently. Here are the photos of them hard at work.IMG_2508IMG_2510







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