1st Annual Beach Blast

You have to check out these photos!

You have to check out these photos!

Wow!  What a fantastic day for the CMCS community last Sunday.  The 1st Annual Beach Blast was – A BLAST!! It was obvious by all the smiling, laughing and cheering that everyone had a wonderful time!

It would be impossible to individually thank everyone who helped make this day a success, but I want to thank all of the parents, grandparents and friends who came and cheered for the children; the staff and Dr. Hunt for their support, especially Ms. Tia and Coach Chris for forming the teams (that took a huge burden off of our plate); the many parents that volunteered throughout the day by either being a team leader, manning a game station or just jumping in when help was needed.  It is such a comfort when you are planning these types of events to know you can count on people volunteering.  It makes our job much easier and events much more successful!

We managed to throw together a raffle at the last minute and raised $368 in raffle sales!  Thank you to everyone who donated:

CMCS is truly fortunate to have so many businesses in our area that support our school and mission.

Thank you to the PTO Board members that spent many hours planning and organizing:  Deanna Benston, Barb Royal, Lisa Maselli, Kristin Alford and Melissa Clark.  It could NOT have been done without you.

But, the biggest and most important thank you goes to our scholars.  I cannot say enough how wonderful they were.  They truly “got” the purpose of the event – having fun and supporting your teammates.  Because Tia and Chris formed the teams, every team had some children that didn’t know each other well and our students embraced that.  As teammates encouraged and supported each other, it was obvious that every child felt valued as part of their team.  Whether they were a 1st grader, a 6th grader, a slow runner, terrible at Kendama or great at Corn Hole – each child had fun and was contributing to their team.   Many of the game station leaders told me stories of teammates choosing to let the “less athletic” team member be the child that got to take a turn again- knowing that meant they would not score as many points.  I didn’t see one instance of complaining, worrying about points or fairness, they just had fun and encouraged each other.  It really was beautiful.

We are looking forward to making this event even better next year!   Thank you for all of the support.

Martha Propps
CMCS PTO President



Help us make future PTO events the best that they can be.  Use our online Suggestion Box to give us your feedback.  Just put “PTO Beach Blast” in the Subject field.

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